FREE Office Space for Innovative Start-up Founders

We offer a few working desks per Start-up for #FREE!

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Why this is definitely not a bad choice for you?!

Yes, we just want to give some help for start-ups; a part of our corporate social responsibility.

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Saving $

We don't send you any bills (#FREE) for using our office facility including office desks and chairs, meeting rooms, Internet and our sport facility of 1 Ping-Pong table and 1 Soccer table.

Is not it too good to be true? Yes, it is!

Are we rich to do this? Definitey, No! :-)


Knowledge Exchange

Why don't we exchange knowledge of what we have domain expertise? We both have growth-mindsets and you can contribute into our We-Shares.

You can also ask advice from our leads in different fields (Technology, IT, HR, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Leadership, Management) and also our company advisors? Knowledge exchange for coffee. deal?

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Not a bad facility!

Our office is located in the city center of Danang, about 500m from the 3rd largest international airport of Vietnam. We are almost at the rooftop in the 19th floor (a good view seing airplanes taking off and landing).

You can count on our Internet speed (a few Fiber Internet lines to the world) and our industrial Scandinavia office style! ;-)

We offer Vietnamese coffee and tea for #FREE. There are also many food-corners and coffee shops nearby. Just to give you more choices.


If you need help?

We have helped many start-ups to build their MVP's for pitching and demontrating to investors. Scalability afterwards? Of course, it is what we are aiming for the success together!

You know, we also fund great start-up ideas; especially with innovation, health-care, education and food safety.

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Want to give it a try?

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers for you, otherwise please drop us an email.

Unfortunately, it is yes! our desks are limited and we also pick up right start-ups to grant this offer.
A good question! We like to discuss with you of how long would you need our help on this? For a short answer: as long as our existence! :)
No! We also need to meet start-up (co-)founder(s) and to find out if there is a 'match' between us.
As you will be working with our team so we also want to make sure that you feel comfortable to live in our company culture and our living core values (we feel they are cool but we want to cross check with you.) so that we don't 'break' each other. We hope you will understand about this.
No, it does not matter on your nationalities. We support all of the start-up (co-)founder(s) around the world. We do speak mainly English in the office and we encourage you to use English with us as well. In our daily tea-break sessions, you are also very welcome to join; and we do have our colleagues speaking other languages like: Russian, French, German, Dutch, Japanese and of course: Vietnamese :)
We have 1 ping-pong table and 1 soccer table. We also have a male soccer team as well and we play a match every Monday evening. You are very welcome. And why do we pay for the gym? instead of getting into our 19th floor with the stairs :)
Aloha Start-Up Founders!

Start with Why?

I have established three (3) start-ups in my life, in the Netherlands (my second-home country) and in Vietnam (my motherland); and I have experienced a lot of difficulties facing many challenges, especially in saving costs. I hope we can help you a little bit on this to unleash your dream and I believe together we can make our world a better place. Even I don't know whether you have a great idea but I respect that you dare to do!

My wish is whenever we have opportunities to help each other, don't hesitate to be kind.

Our seats are limited so we want to know of how many desks and how long would you need to: [email protected] - We will let you know within 19 hours.